Anne Ross

Art and Photography


Resume / Bio




Artist's Statement

I create photographic images using traditional, alternative, and electronic methods. Currently I am exploring alternative processes such as lumen prints, cyanotype and the pinhole camera. I also use vintage film cameras (a medium format Yashicamat and a small format Nikon) then scan negatives to create high resolution, large-scale, archival inkjet prints. I aim to preserve or accentuate the look of film and paper with its subtle graininess, frequently preferring the classic look of black and white over color, while utilizing the flexibility of a digital image.

Alternative Processes

These images explore alternative photographic processes: lumen prints, cyanotypes, and pinhole cameras. Lumen prints use only sunlight, old photographic paper, and found objects to produce luminescent images of subtle color. Cyanotypes use sunlight and chemistry to produce brilliant blue images. My pinhole camera is a light-tight cardboard box with a pinhole for an aperture. Each of these processes create ghostly and ethereal work.

Hidden Pictures

This series of photographs began with a playful snapshot of a miscellaneous item on the street. After developing the film, I enlarged the image until the original object nearly disappeared and became unrecognizable. Zooming in on a very small part of an image revealed positive and negative shapes that suddenly resembled plants, animals, and human beings. I found it an intriguing interplay between a hidden microscopic set of characters, and the now obscured everyday object in which they seemed to live.

Inside the mind of a doll

This series explores the emotions, thoughts, and intentions we project onto a situation, even a situation comprised solely of inanimate objects.

Low Light and Shadow

These photographs explore the qualities of light and mood found at night or dusk with no indoor lighting. The camera's aperture for each image was open for at least 60 seconds, causing the human images to blur slightly as they breathed and moved during the time of the shot. Any inanimate objects remain in focus.